Cameron ducks Libya flak

On Monday the 12th of September 2016 David Cameron chose to quit as a Conservative MP. This news wasn’t met with glowing endorsements in the media. Neither was it met with strong criticism. After all he had done such an honorable thing by leaving the back benches. Deciding to no longer serve his constituents. All so that he wouldn’t be a ‘distraction’ to Theresa May’s government. He had shown us in June that real leaders quit when things get difficult. Here he was simply reinforcing that lesson to the people. What a guy.

On Wednesday the 14th of September 2016 the Foreign affairs committee released their report into the UK military intervention in Libya. Barack Obama had already described the intervention well as a ‘Shitshow’. The report confirmed the intervention had been done without proper intelligence, had ‘drifted’ into an intervention for regime change and failed to plan adequately for the country following said regime change. This has led to the country being in a state of civil war. Extremist elements control parts of the country. Thousands of lives have been lost and harmed by this intervention. David Cameron led us into this intervention.

What I find interesting is that I haven’t read ONE mainstream media report linking these two events. To me this link seems obvious. Now I may be wrong as I don’t claim to read every newspaper or online outlet. But surely these events are related? Surely the media were aware on Monday this report was due to come out two days later? Why did nobody mention it then? Why have they not connected this since? David Cameron quit to evade the flak himself and to save his Conservative party the risk of being caught by shrapnel.

The errors made during the 2003 invasion of Iraq were repeated wholesale in the 2011 Libya intervention. It makes sense of the fact that when the Chilcot report was released earlier this year Cameron refused to admit that the war was wrong or a mistake. How could he be hypercritical of Tony Blair knowing he had committed all the same crimes. Even worse he did so with full knowledge of how this intervention would play out.

On the release of the Chilcot report Cameron had said that he did not see “a huge amount of point” in “replaying all the arguments of the day” , adding: “What we should do instead is…learn the lessons of what happened and what needs to be put in place to make sure that mistakes cannot be made in future.”

Except he didn’t learn the lessons. He willfully repeated the mistakes. There comes a time when we have to realise these interventions and their failures are not ‘mistakes’ they are fully intentional. As is the lack of media coverage linking these war criminals to their crimes.

Cameron ducks Libya flak

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