Vote for safety

There has been so much dirt thrown at Corbyn and Labour over the last two years I wondered what the media and the Conservatives had held up their sleeve for the day before the election.

It appears they have chosen fear as their tool. The idea electing Corbyn would make the UK less safe. For anyone believing this to be true I’ve written this piece to explain how the Conservatives have put us in danger. It is not short and it is not catchy but it is important.

First of all the three recent examples of terrorism have occurred under Conservative rule. They have been running our country for the last 7 years. Theresa May was Home secretary for 6 of those years and PM for another. If we face an increased risk of terrorism right now only one party and only one leader should be held accountable.

Salman Abedi (the manchester bomber) was allowed to return to Libya by our home office in 2011 in order to fight against and overthrow Gaddafi. He was 16 at the time. Again Theresa May was home secretary. David Cameron was PM. Conservatives were running the country. The intention was enforcing regime change. Cameron was warned this could destabilise the region and lead to an increase in Islamist extremism. Both advocated and voted for military action in Libya. We have become less safe because of this.

We must also consider the effects of allowing a 16 year old boy to fight in a war. How that might effect him psychologically upon his return to the UK. Consider whether he should have been monitored. Whether knowing he had fought alongside islamist extremists would have increased his chances of becoming radicalised. Theresa May was home secretary. Clearly not enough was done.

Under Conservative rule hate crime of all types has increased. Violent crime has increased. Sexual assault has increased. Gun and knife crime has increased. Across the country.

Whether you are Black, White, British, European, African Jewish, Muslim, Straight, Gay, Male, Female…. any denomination you wish to label yourself with you have become less safe under Conservative rule.

Incidents of antisemitism alone have increased 36% under Conservative rule.

It has been well reported Conservatives cut police numbers by 20,000. They also cut 1000 Border Force staff. Security and intelligence staff numbers and budgets were cut. George Osborne budgeted four times as much to special forces overseas as he did to the home office. The recent attacks were of course perpetrated by people living in the UK.

It is not a stretch to suggest that with more staff and funding intelligence agencies in the UK would have been able to keep track of people like Salman Abedi and Khuram Butt and work to prevent them from attacking anyone.

Theresa May has very recently been in Saudi Arabia attempting to secure arms deals with a country that is widely reported to be funding/supplying the very terrorists we want to protect ourselves against.

Theresa May’s answer to the most recent attacks was to suggest repealing the human rights act. Something she has actually been trying to do for years. The human rights act is there to protect you. Removing it or changing it is not being done to protect you from terrorism. It is just what Theresa May wants to be done.

Clearly after 7 years of Conservative rule you are less safe. It would be ridiculous with the above in mind to give them another 5 years on the basis of safety. They have no answers to any of the current problems we face.

If all of the above is outweighed by the fact Corbyn spoke to the IRA in the 1980’s in your mind then that is your decision. I know I’m voting Labour. For my safety.

Vote for safety

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