A heart that’s filled with feeling

Is a heart that’s fit to burst

It can find a sense and meaning

In the emptiest of words

It rises to the ceiling

Like a helium filled balloon

And if you leave it without reeling 

It would float off to the moon

Too soon for some it soars

Til it’s a dot within the sky

For those afraid of falls

It hits the dizziest of heights

It might just risk it all

You might just never know

Unconstrained by walls

How far your heart could go

I know you are filled with feeling

I know it hurts when burst

But there are less pins in heaven

Than there are down here on earth


The world’s worst (father) problem

When it comes to problems

This crazy world has many of them

But hope is given

With the possibility we could solve ‘em

But there is one condition

Which is relentless in its abundance

And unremitting

When young children feel unloved

When a boy learns to be a man

From books and movies

Cause his father is nowhere to be found

And mother has a limit to her capabilities

The world’s worst problem

Without a doubt

Is the world’s worst father

He’s nowhere to be found

The world’s worst (father) problem

Nobody Knows

Nobody needs to know
When my life is filled with sorrow
Tonight the tears may flow
But I wipe them away tomorrow
And nobody can tell from my smiling face
That my heart’s in hell though I try and escape
I may be stuck, fucked up but I don’t give a damn
So I shut the fuck up and try to be a man
I have a plan to make it great
Fate will take me to better place
I await that day but not with patience
But with haste to make it, it’s my dream I’m chasing
Facing failure I find the bullet and bite it
Let me tell ya sympathy is unrequited
I fight it cause nobody needs to know
Tears water my dreams so the seeds can grow

Nobody Knows


In my mind I paint a picture of your pretty face
Put every perfect piece of the jigsaw in it’s perfect place
This makes a work of art but every look I take hurts my heart
Love is hard to mask yet we fulfil the task
Our paths pass every day yet not a word is spoken
Your destiny is to be next to me at least that’s what I’m hoping
I open my eyes and realise I missed an opportunity
Ain’t no disguise you were close by a room with just you and me
But now it’s gone like with the wind and I wonder have I sinned
I’m calling god if it’s listening what will the future bring
Will fate make a decision to bring me what I’m missing
I have a vision of us in love sharing hugs and tender kissing
I’m wishing every night and I have to fight to go to sleep
I shake the sheets but can’t escape the heat I need to hear you breathe
I believe one day a chance will arrive I’d die to hear cupid calling
I’ll look in your eyes with a ready reply, too late I’ve already fallen




Sometimes love is like heaven
Sometimes love is like hell
In the most romantic tales
Sometimes even love can fail

Sometimes love is the foundation of faith
Something which you can build on
Sometimes it leaves a devastating wake
And you can no longer feel strong

Sometimes love makes the sun shine down
Through horizon to horizon clouds
Sometimes it causes a furrowed frown
With the lies denials and doubts

Sometimes love is your only certainty
When the world around is shaky
Sometimes for me it hurts to breathe
Wishing the devil would take me

Because hell is a poor metaphor
For the hurt that love can cause
So I guard my heart and if I ever fall
I hope that it lasts forever more


A child in Vain

From the very start of your relationship you knew it wouldn’t last forever
Wasn’t it two weeks before the first time you two split up?
Yet despite the frequent break ups you always seemed to get back together
Always making the same promises that things were gonna get better
And then when things were sweet everything seemed complete
But around the corner was always trouble
Cause daddy would cheat and revenge was sweet
And mother never was too subtle
It’s a cycle but I can understand you being blinded by the good times
It happens to all of us
Cause when we’re down we always seem to find
We’ll try anything for happiness
But when trust is gone it won’t be long
Before the relationship is sure to fall
And when something was wrong daddy was gone
Looking for peace outside of the door
Cause he can’t talk about the way he feels
And you never learned to listen
And yet somehow you came to the same idea
About the way to make a commitment
So I was conceived and you both believed
You had finally turned the corner
But all you’d achieved was a temporary reprieve
Before your love finally faltered
Because the pregnancy denied you
Of your favorite way to make up
You forgot the seed inside you
And decided you should break up
It’s a pity that you gave up
Cause now I’m feeling kinda worthless
And now I’m being brought up
Without a chance to fulfil my purpose
It hurts to see my mother cry cause she’s unhappy and all alone
And knowing that’s because of me
Makes me wanna runaway from home
When I roam the streets sometimes I see
My dad but he’s stranger
I walk away when he approaches me
Because he just fills me with anger
Now I just wish at one point in your mad love
You had stopped to consider me
Cause my life was already messed up
Before the doctor delivered me
I’m trying to see a way for me to somehow make a change
But with out your love to save I’m without an aim
A child in vain

A child in Vain